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The home for research in games and digital art at European University Cyprus!

Game Design

At the Center for Game Studies we study various aspects of games, from their impact on society to the creation of game design and evaluation principles and guidelines. We are particularly interested in social games, and research the way that these games allow players to socialize, as well as how they should be designed to maximize the social player experience.

Digital Art

Our faculty collaborates in building digital art installations that examine both the artistic as well as the psychological facets of human experience with art. We work as an interdisciplinary team of Computer Engineers, Computer Scientists, Psychologists, and Graphic Artists to create experiences that are interesting and explore various facets of how humans interact with art.

Games for Health

Our interdisciplinary team of game designers, computer scientists, and physical therapists explore how computer games can help children with kinesiological problems become motivated to perform rehabilitative movements. We currently employ the XBOX Kinect to allow children to play computer games through motions that help towards their rehabilitation.